Register for Singapore HUG- March 23 2016 (Wednesday) 4-6 PM

The Singapore economy is off to a very challenging start in January, and the negativity is beginning to weigh on many of the SMEs especially in the retail services and consumer goods.  While brick-and-mortar retailing is under pressure, we are seeing lots of opportunity to leverage digital marketing to help SMEs.

Let's take this opportunity to get together as Inbound Marketers to share your thoughts about the outlook for 2016 in Singapore and what Inbound and HubSpot can do! There are a lot of good news coming from HubSpot as well.

*HUG is open to anyone interested in Inbound Marketing and/or HubSpot and is absolutely FREE. The purpose of HUG is knowledge and experience sharing -- and is not intended as a selling or promotional event.

Thank you for your registering for our HUG 2016 Program. The agenda and discussion topics will be emailed to you about a week before the meeting. Any questions? Contact Lester Lee at Tel: 97805620. Cheers.

Register here for our first 2016 HUGS meeting!